Basic Chinese Program

1-on-1 Dedicated Teaching

Overseas Chinese children aged 4 to 6

Novice Chinese learners with basic speaking and listening skills

Children without a foundation in Chinese character recognition and writing

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Course Highlights

Joyful Learning Enlightenment

The course, centered on children's cognition and interests, uses picture book stories to connect language elements.

Multiple Language Forms

The course incorporates diverse language forms, including lively children's songs and rhymes.

Basic Chinese Character Knowledge

Focus on building essential Chinese character knowledge, including strokes, structure, and writing skills, to cultivate independent character recognition and writing abilities in students.


Conversational proficiency for daily life

Fundamental Chinese language skills

Good reading habits

Basic grasp of traditional culture


The PPtutor Basic Chinese course addresses the language foundation and learning needs of overseas Chinese students. By blending language and culture, it aligns with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) standards, aiming to foster children's language skills, critical thinking, and cultural literacy in a structured manner.


Number of Lessons:60
Character Recognition:80
Picture Book Reading:80+
25 min / lesson
Alignment with Pre-school Academic Standards in China
Sensing the main idea of the story.
Listening attentively, enjoying expression, and communicating clearly in spoken language.


Real-Life Scenario Teaching

The course uses immersive storytelling to teach language skills in real-life scenarios, making learning effective for children.

Engaging and Relevant for Children

Children join protagonists Xiaoyu, Wenwen, and Panda Pipi on diverse and relatable adventures. The content is tailored to children's lives, easy to learn, and engaging, catering to their preferences.

Comprehensive Development

Master 200+ common Chinese characters, progressing from easy to challenging. Focus on structure, writing, and meanings for a solid foundation, reinforcing basic knowledge and building Chinese language thinking.

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