Spoken Chinese Program

1-on-1 Dedicated Teaching

Overseas Chinese children aged 4 to 8

Children with limited proficiency in Chinese listening and speaking

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Course Highlights

Interactive Conversations

Engage in dynamic conversational exercises that encourage active participation, helping students develop fluency and spontaneity in spoken Chinese.

Tailored for Practical Use

Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to prioritize everyday language essentials. From essential vocabulary to situational dialogues, students learn language skills that are immediately applicable.

Progressive Skill Development

The course adopts a progressive approach to skill development. Each module builds on the previous one, ensuring a gradual and effective learning journey.


Increased speaking confidence

Improved speaking skills

Expanded vocabulary range

Improved listening skills


The PPtutor Spoken Chinese course is tailored to the Chinese language foundation and oral communication needs of overseas Chinese students. Aligned with the U.S. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) standards, the course follows a scientific curriculum, fostering a complete oral teaching loop to enhance children's language and cognitive abilities.


Number of Lessons: 60
Vocabulary: 120
25 min / lesson
Alignment with Pre-school Academic Standards in China
Daily conversation 70+ with clear expression.
Single sentence output to meet basic communication needs.


Real-Life Scenario Teaching

The course uses immersive storytelling to teach language skills in real-life scenarios, making learning effective for children.

Engaging and Relevant for Children

Fun and interactive course with kids' songs, rhymes, story comics, and word games to build vocabulary, language skills, and foster learning interest.

Customized and Varied Teaching

Respectful of student differences, the course adapts content to individual interests, levels, and learning styles, efficiently boosting learning outcomes.

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