Course Development

PPtutor's courses follow natural language learning patterns, employing scenario-based teaching with engaging characters. This approach aims to merge cognitive and emotional activities, creating a native language scenario for an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Scenarios Constructing

Constructing authentic scenarios for children insight into contextual significance.

Harmony in Language

Creating vivid scenarios for seamless harmony of language in sound, meaning, form, and structure.

Decoding Abstract Language

Exploring abundant semantic nuances through abstract language.

Language Mastery

Expressing thoughts and significance of scenes with appropriate language.

Scientific Curriculum

Spoken Chinese

General Chinese

Traditional Chinese

International Chinese

For Children Aged 4-8

Spoken Chinese Program

Building authentic language contexts that align with students' real-life experiences to elevate their proficiency in Chinese listening and speaking.

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Engaging Topic Modules

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    Character Recognition and Writing

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    Word and Phrase Reinforcement

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    Idiomatic Expressions and Stories

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    Myths and Legends

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    Reciting Classics

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