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「PPtutor」Curriculum development logic

PPtutor's entire series of courses follow the rules of language cognition, adopt situational teaching method, make full use of images, create typical scenes, arouse students' learning emotions, and combine cognitive and emotional activities to achieve an authentic learning environment


Create the context

Create the context

Create real or virtual scenes in class to help children feel the meaning and emotion


Enter the context

Enter the context

Establish the visualized scene, realize the unification of language symbol of sound, meaning, form and grammar


Exit the context

Exit the context

Understand the rich semantic connotation through the abstract language


Reproduce the context

Reproduce the context

Reproduce the context through proper words

Authoritative curriculum system

The 100-member curriculum development team, led by top Chinese education experts, developed courses based on the Common Core State Education Standards (CCSS), Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), and the core requirements of HSK and YCT, to meet the different learning needs of students

  • Children's oral curriculum system

    Master the special functions of oral communication and emphasize the cultivation of communicative competence. Through the combination of real life, establish real context, strengthen students' listening and speaking ability, construct Chinese thinking, and provide children with a step-by-step, accumulating oral Chinese learning system

  • Global Chinese curriculum system

    PPtutor, with courses of preliminary level, intermediate level and advanced level, aims to comprehensively improve students' Chinese application ability and Chinese core literacy from listening, speaking, reading and writing to aesthetic appreciation ability

  • Chinese proficiency grading standards for international Chinese language education

    Based on the Chinese proficiency grading standards for international Chinese language education (GF0025-2021) implemented by State Language Affairs Committee, PPtutor aims to strengthen children's Chinese syllables, characters, vocabulary, and grammar ability, improve their Chinese recognition skill and comprehensive application ability

Main courses of 「PPtutor」

  • Oral Chinese
  • Preliminary Chinese
  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Advanced Chinese
  • International Chinese

    For overseas Chinese children who have basic listening and speaking skills. Through reading a large number of classical literature, we help students accumulate vocabulary, cultivate the ability to choose words and construct sentences, improve the logic and hierarchy of expression, and convert language knowledge into listening, speaking, reading and writing

“yi ke yi de(一课一得)”is a complete teaching circle

Rich and interesting thematic sections

  • Chinese Pinyin

  • Character recognition and writing

  • Characters and words consolidation

  • Idioms and their stories

  • Classical mythologies

  • Classics reading

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